I had the recent pleasure to join the Scrum under Siege podcast crew in exploring why agile organizational change is so difficult. Listen in to find out how personality, company size and your approach to change impact your agile transformation’s short- and long-term success. Make sure to visit the Scrum under Siege blog for additional great topics and podcast episodes. Continue Reading
In my many years as a corporate leader, I learned that when it comes to performance reviews, most people think they should be rated as “exceeds all expectations” across the board. I dare you to find someone who will step forward and admit, “Yeah, I honestly didn’t work that hard this year, so go ahead and rate me lower.” The reality is that a large number of people expect to get star quality ratings just for showing up. We are our own greatest fans, and, besides, who wants to jeopardize their merit increase? When I started my coaching business, I discovered that this phenomenon is not at all restricted to corporate employees. When speaking with prospective clients, I often observe the monumental gap between expectations and the actual effort put forth by the individual. It appears Continue Reading
Do you have big, audacious and perhaps seemingly impossible dreams?  Do you have a secret desire to achieve a certain goal in your personal or professional life? Almost everyone carries one or more ‘desires of the heart’ within them that they hope to see realized someday.  Very few people however, proceed to actually writing down their dreams and fashioning a plan to make them a reality.  In fact, according to a study conducted at Harvard Business School, this represents only 3% of the population! As you go through your daily routine, how much time do YOU actually invest in cultivating your dream? Some of us dream ‘occasionally’ when something in our environment reminds us that we are (still) not where we want to be in life.  Continue Reading
Recently I engaged in some research of popular network marketers, coaches, social media gurus and other service based businesses to get a feel for what’s out there, who people serve and how they approach their respective audiences. What I found fascinating is how many of them use the exact same cookie-cutter approach that I frequently hear touted by those who claim they can help their customers rapidly increase their client attraction and conversion all without having to sell a thing! Unfortunately “selling” has become somewhat of a dirty word in many people’s minds which gave credence to clever marketers who advertise “systems” that will never require you to sell a thing to anyone! New entrepreneurs are being bamboozled into thinking that if they just implement the magical “sales funnel” of freebie, Continue Reading