Agile Transformation

At the Business Refinery, Inc. we believe that being agile means more than your IT department practicing SCRUM!  Focusing on organizational agility over merely implementing the practices of various agile frameworks, we help you achieve what most never do.  Together, we create a business that is truly a cross-functional collaborative, where employees love to work and customers are delighted by frequent, high-quality delivery of value.

  • Increase speed to market and customer retention through exceptional value delivery
  • Transform your culture to create cross-functional, engaged high-performance teams
  • Obtain greater results with less effort through focused planning and execution
  • Retain your best talent and attract top achievers to your business
  • Ride the waves of change with ease and position your business for long-term growth


Agile Rescue

We will partner with you to identify what is standing in the way of your successful agile transformation.  Our proprietary 4-step process will give you the knowledge and tools to break through your greatest agile challenges.  Together we will create a roadmap to get you back on track to achieving the agile transformation results you desire but haven’t been able to achieve on your own.

  • Is your agile transformation not delivering the results you expected?
  • Do your projects continue to be late & over budget?
  • Do your agile teams lack focus and engagement?
  • Is there still an on-going feud between the business and IT?
  • Do you secretly feel like Agile has caused you to lose control of your projects?