Hi there! I’m Sabine Brandt, founder of The Business Refinery. I’m excited that you are interested in working with me to take your business and professional growth to the next level.

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been leading teams and organizations to greater productivity, improved quality, higher employee engagement and increased profitability.

Serving hundreds of clients in diverse industries, I’ve helped organizations consistently deliver more value to their customers and create businesses that attract and retain top talent through applying business agility and servant-leader principles.

My transparent, action-oriented style resonates with leaders and teams who need to achieve tangible results while having fun and staying energized to grow to even higher levels of performance.

Based in Plymouth, Minnesota, I work with businesses throughout the United States, often utilizing technology to bridge the geographical gap. My clients range from top 100 corporations to micro businesses.


I am a certified Professional and Agile Coach, ScrumMaster, and member of the John Maxwell team of coaches, trainers, and speakers. My training and experience allow me to help my clients:

  • Transition to an agile model for product creation and delivery
  • Implement agile marketing and distribution strategies
  • Get near-failed agile transformations and initiatives back on track
  • Increase their leadership capacity and develop high-performing teams
  • Create growth strategies for their small to medium businesses

For the past two decades, I have focused my services as Business Agility Coach and Consultant. I can help your organization successfully transition to an agile framework, re-energize your failing agile transformation and create successful strategic plans and product/service roadmaps.

Whether your need is to create better products and services, scale your organization, increase speed-to-market or empower your teams to achieve greater levels of performance, I have resources and tools to help you achieve the business growth you desire.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a complimentary call with me and let’s talk about how I can support your success.