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The Business Refinery, Inc. was born out of a desire to equip businesses with the knowledge, tools, and strategies that would help them create high-performing teams, develop servant-leaders and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

We work with mission-driven organizations and entrepreneurs that recognize survival in today’s business climate means to be nimble, focused and fast. Together we create a collaborative work environment that fosters innovation, employee engagement, and continuous value delivery to the customer.

Our founder, Sabine U. Brandt, used her 20+ years’ experience as corporate leader and entrepreneur to develop a unique, authentic approach to leading change and increasing organizational agility.
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Thank you for being such a great ‘voice of reason’ in helping us navigate these tricky situations as we get used to Agile and Scrum. You have a way of helping people see the big picture and of giving feedback in a neutral, constructive way that I think is much needed here. I appreciate you helping us address these issues head-on and being patient with us as we learn.”

Ann M.
Scrum Team Member

Sabine is an organized, professional, and supportive coach. I hired Sabine when I was beginning my entrepreneurial career. She listens well and asks thoughtful questions that help me gain clarity and achieve the best next step. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of trial and error, and it can be slow going, but with diligent work and a network of support to curb isolation and overwhelm, progress is possible. Sabine has been a vital part of my growth as a small business owner and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her wisdom and encouragement.”

Rachel M.
Papercrane Solutions

Sabine, your coaching is so powerful because it is backed by prayer and solid expertise. I am so grateful for you!”

Dr. Cynthia Howard
EI Leadership

Sabine…I’ve mentioned it verbally, but wanted to put in writing as well my appreciation for the way you have coached and companioned me and the team for the past several weeks. I have benefitted from your perspective and insight on Agile as a philosophy and the range and flexibility of how the implementation of it can look differently depending on the circumstances and the nature of the work. Being able to bounce ideas and questions off of you and getting your inputs and feedback has helped our entire organization become more fluent and confident in Agile and generally as an overall team, and has fostered the continued transformation toward a more leveled and empowered culture, which is awesome! I could go on, but suffice it to say, I and others have benefitted greatly as individuals and as teams as a result of your presence and your work. Thanks much!”

Justin M.

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